Thursday, August 27, 2009


On August 17, 2009, the SEC announced that it has reopened the comment period for its proposed "Amendments to Regulation SHO" for 30 days to allow additional feedback on the alternative uptick rule, an alternative short selling price test that would allow short selling only at a price above the current national best bid.

In its original "Amendments to Regulation SHO," proposed April 2009 in Securities Exchange Act Release No. 59748, the SEC proposed two approaches to restrictions on short selling: the "short sell price test," which would apply on a market-wide and permanent basis; and the "circuit breaker," which would apply only to a particular security during a severe market decline in the price of that security. The SEC also sought comment on the alternative uptick rule in its April 2009 proposal, including whether it would be preferable to the "short sell price test," and whether it would be more effective as a market-wide permanent price test restriction or in conjunction with the "circuit breaker" approach.

The SEC received almost 4,000 comments to its April 2009 proposal, and there was some evidence of support for the alternative uptick rule. As such, to ensure that investors and industry professionals have a full opportunity to comment on the alternative uptick rule, the SEC has published a supplemental request for comment specifically on the rule.

Click here for the SEC's complete notice of re-opening of the comment period and its supplemental request for comment.

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