Monday, August 30, 2010


Brokers and Investment Advisors facing demands for repayment of training fees, retention bonuses, or promissory notes should bite the bullet and retain legal counsel. While their new current employer may be willing to offer unofficial advice or moral support, it is rarely willing to assign its legal department to your defense. No surprise, as its legal department is probably busy sending similar demands out to its former account executives or representatives.

The truth of the matter is that, despite demand letters that inaccurately portray your indebtedness as an unassailable fundamental truth, there are frequently either legal or equitable defenses to your former employer’s demand for money. And even if you owe and should therefore remit some funds, the broker frequently owes less than the total being demanded. Few like to hire attorneys, and even less like to pay for them. But you might actually have a legal right to save yourself some hard-earned cash in the long run—even after paying for that damn lawyer.

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