Thursday, December 10, 2020

Missouri Securities Division Brings Action for Unregistered Investment Advice

Missouri’s Commissioner of Securities recently issued an Order to Cease and Desist against a California resident that was allegedly collecting fees to provide advice regarding stock selections. According to the order, Yifel Lu (“Lu”), “…for compensation, provided unregistered investment advice to individuals throughout the United States. Lu touted personal success in the United States stock market in an internet chat room. When asked for Lu’s advice, Lu instructed individuals to contact him on a separate phone/computer application. Once alternative contact was established, Lu proceeded to require clients to pay a fee of at least $300 for his advice. When the fee was agreed upon, Lu instructed clients to deposit funds electrically into a PayPal account.”  

Moreover, a Missouri Resident initially met Lu in a public chatroom on Moonbbs “where Lu, using the username “kyoraiden123,” touted his personal success in the United States stock market and advertised stock-selection advice. Lu promised multiple stock tips with the potential for high profit.”

The Enforcement Section is seeking disgorgement of the $300 fees and over $75,00 in civil penalties. Food for thought.

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